Our promise to our people

We cultivate a diverse, inclusive and supportive work environment where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Developing Together

We care about our people. As a values-based business, our people plan forms a core part of our business strategy as we strive to become the employer of choice in the UK renewables sector.

Our people promise:

  • We will create a working environment where your health, safety and wellbeing are our priority
  • We will nurture and develop your talent and skills
  • We strive to be a diverse, supportive and inclusive employer
  • We will provide you with a flexible and competitive reward package
  • We will strive to create a working environment that is stimulating and collaborative.

Talent and skills development

We support our employees to develop the skills and expertise to perform to their highest potential. We encourage internal progression, giving responsibility, empowerment and trust to encourage people to take on new challenges. We offer learning and development opportunities including our Graduate , Management and Leadership Development programmes, in addition to other training courses tailored to the needs of the individual. ​

Our aim is to develop our people’s competencies and business skills so that all employees can act as ambassadors for OnPath Energy and ensure our vision is communicated with enthusiasm and commitment.​

In addition to functional training, we partner with external experts to help our people develop or enhance other useful competences, e.g. a communications coach to help employees learn the art of effective communication as well as leadership coaches to help develop a range of leadership skills. These training programmes help us to create high-performing teams which are beneficial to our business and also highly appreciated by our employees. ​ ​

A robust and regular performance management process ensures we recognise and reward performance whilst capturing opportunities for further development and career progression through training, mentoring and coaching.


Prioritising health, safety and wellbeing

We aim to create a working environment where our people’s health, safety and wellbeing are our top priority. 

We have a robust Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy that details our commitment to the wellbeing of everyone involved with our business activities. Health, safety and wellbeing is embedded in the training of our people, the robustness of our controls, our communications across our activities and within our business culture.

As a safety-first business, measuring injury rates across our business is vital for us in determining the effectiveness of our health and safety management approach. We are proud to have achieved a rate that is 70% better than the industry average, and we are committed continuous improvements to reduce the rate further.

We believe that mental wellbeing is equally as important as physical wellbeing. We have four Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAs) who are trained to support employees across OnPath Energy.​ They play a crucial role in providing guidance and support to our team, and in highlighting the importance of good mental health through internal events and campaigns. Prevention is at the heart of our mental wellbeing approach; both in identifying when someone is struggling early on, and in giving employees the tools, such as workshops on developing coping strategies, to stay mentally healthy​. 

Our approach to mental health was noted by the County Durham Better Health at Work Award, which praised our investment in line manager training on spotting the signs of mental ill health, and the work done to ease staff anxiety on the return to the office after the Covid-19 pandemic.

A diverse, supportive and inclusive employer

We want our people to feel they are part of a team where everyone is valued. We treat everyone equitably, fairly and with respect. We aim to provide equal opportunities for all employees and our strong values of teamwork and inclusiveness shine through in our tightknit community at OnPath. 

We believe in supporting each other and finding, nurturing and celebrating the unique talent that each of us brings. We are committed to giving everyone the chance to contribute, learn, grow, and develop in a harmonious working environment.​

Employee diversity is a strength for businesses, and we have set diversity as one of our key commitments for the future.​

Rewarding our employees

We create an environment where our employees are engaged and motivated. We offer competitive remuneration that supports a good standard of living. 

Our business takes place within high growth sectors, and the workplace benefits we provide must reflect this. We also want to help our employees lead healthy, fulfilling lifestyles, and we have developed or enhanced our range of benefits available to our employees, for example:

OnPath cycle to work scheme
Cycle to work scheme​

OnPath electric car benefit scheme
EV car scheme (for applicable employees)

Employee assistance programme
Employee assistance programs for health, wellbeing and mental health 

Voluntary health plan ​

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