Hazlehead Wind Farm

Generating renewable energy since 2011.

Hazlehead Wind Farm has generated more than 207,000 MWh green energy since it became operational in December 2011.

Located on the northern edge of the Peak District National Park, south of Huddersfield, the wind farm provides more than £6,000 annually in grants for the local communities.

Key facts

Hazlehead Wind Farm

At OnPath Energy, we’re powering a more sustainable future through renewable energy. Our projects, like Hazlehead Wind Farm, inspire and enable communities, businesses and landowners to embrace a just transition to net zero. 

  • Electricity generation capacity: Up to 6MW 
  • Postcode of nearby property: S36 4HG 
  • Number of turbines: 3
  • Tip height: 100m
  • Local Planning Authority: Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council
  • Lifespan: 40 years in operation plus two years for construction and decommissioning (permission to extend the lifespan by 15 years approved by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council in 2023).
  • Operational since: December 2011

Key facts

Community benefits

We establish community funds for every OnPath Energy project to ensure that the benefits are channelled back into the local community. The Hazlehead Wind Farm Community Fund currently receives £8,161.47 each year from the wind farm. Grants are awarded to local voluntary organisations, community groups and environmental projects.

To ensure the funding is channelled to causes and activities important to the local communities, the fund is managed by a Community Fund committee made up of members from the local parish councils as well as the district and county councillors.

The committee agrees how and where grants are awarded based on a range of criteria and the information received in the funding application.

Projects from the parish of Dunford are eligible for funding, but we may consider projects from outside of this area if it can be shown that they benefit local people from Dunford parish

Applying for a grant

If you would like to apply for a grant from the Hazlehead Wind Farm Community Fund, please first contact our fund manager before applying for a grant.
Tel 0191 378 6342 
Email apply@onpathcommunityfund.co.uk

You can then apply for a grant via the County Durham Community Foundation (CDCF) website.

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