BESS : Application submitted
Solar : Approved

Barnsdale Solar & Battery Storage

An exciting proposal for a new solar energy and battery storage project on the outskirts of Leeds that will generate enough green electricity to power more than 13,000 homes.

Our plans

Barnsdale Solar and BESS

OnPath Energy is planning a new solar farm just outside of Leeds, between Kippax and Allerton Bywater. The solar farm will have an installed capacity of up to 40MW, generating enough green electricity to power over 13,000 homes each year. 
Planning permission was granted for the solar farm in 2021. In May 2023, we submitted a further planning application to host battery storage at the site. Battery energy storage systems (BESS) are set to play a huge role in the country’s transition to 100% renewable energy, and will enable us to store renewable electricity to meet demand when the wind doesn’t blow and the sun isn’t shining.

Spring 2024 complete

Pre-commencement site investigation and archaeology works.

Summer 2024 progress

Submission of information to discharge pre-commencement planning conditions.

Late Summer / early Autumn 2024

Commencement of development on site access.

Spring 2025

Commencement of solar panel installation.

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Key benefits

Barnsdale Solar Energy and Battery Storage

At OnPath Energy, we’re powering a more sustainable future through renewable energy. Our projects, like the proposal for Barnsdale Solar and Battery Storage, will inspire and enable communities, businesses, and landowners to embrace a just transition to net zero.  Key benefits include:

  • Replaces carbon-intensive gas on the UK energy network
  • Reduces the UK’s reliance on imported energy
  • Enables more renewables on the grid
  • Our plans will boost local biodiversity and habitats
  • We will design the project benefits in partnership with the local community
  • We will work with local contractors wherever possible during construction

OnPath Energy also operates the nearby Hook Moor Wind Farm at Micklefield which has been providing clean, renewable electricity since 2016. Take a look at the benefits the Hook Moor Wind Farm provides to local residents

Key facts Barnsdale Solar and Battery Storage

Playing our part in securing net zero

Potential energy generation:

40MW, enough to supply more than 13,000 homes


Between Kippax and Allerton Bywater

Size of area:

87.7 hectares

Current land use:


Number of solar panels:

Around 2,900

Number of battery containers:

Approximately 32 containers and 16 inverters

Land take:

The solar panels would cover approximately 55% of the area of land

Construction period:

Nine months

Economy boost:

The project represents at least £25 million investment


Up to 40 years in operation

Connection to the grid:

Ledston Primary substation

The site

What it could look like

It’s very important for us to let you know what the proposed development could look like. We have designed the Barnsdale site to ensure that the residential amenity of local residents is minimised.

This image shows what the Barnsdale site could look like from the footpath between Kippax Meadows and southern boundary, from completion, to a projection of 10 years on, as well as what the Barnsdale site could like from Park Lane with a visualisation of the battery storage facility on its own and also a visualisation of the battery storage facility and solar.

Discover more

Read on to discover the plans and wide range of social, economic and environmental benefits Barnsdale Solar Energy and Battery Storage will bring to the local community, while supporting the UK’s transition to renewable energy.

Project Plan

Community benefits

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