Green energy for all

At OnPath Energy, we believe in a just transition to renewable energy which is fair, inclusive and benefits everyone, with nobody left behind. We believe that by harnessing the power of wind and solar energy here in the UK, we can help to drive down energy bills for households and place local communities at the heart of the transition to a greener future.

A just transition

OnPath is helping the UK transition to 100% renewable energy in a way which benefits everyone. We believe no one should be left behind in the transition to a greener future and strive to develop the long-term partnerships that will help take us there.

For OnPath, a just transition means:

Innovating our technologies to drive down energy bills for UK households.

Creating change at a local level in full partnership with communities to ensure they benefit socially, economically and environmentally from our projects.

Ensuring long-term energy security for the nation by harnessing and storing renewable energy on UK soil.

Building climate resilience into communities to help them navigate the changing future.


Our projects are more than just a means to create renewable energy, they are regional, community-led projects that benefit everyone.


UK homes had their annual demands met by OnPath in 2023

£1.1 million+

set aside every year by our wind farm community funds

£9.5 million

spent by our partners with local sub-contractors during FY21 + 22


jobs secured by our planning applications and consents during FY21 + 22

Helping households reduce energy bills

When developing our project proposals, we aim to maximise the benefits for local residents. In our proposal for the OnPath Wind Farm at Bodinglee, we worked with experts at Natural Power to devise a series of route-maps to help the 6,500 households near the site with household bills while also helping them to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Community-led investment

By placing communities at the center of decision-making when it comes to delivering community benefits, we can ensure that our transition to renewables builds a positive legacy for the future.

Strong community voices have been crucial in delivering funding to the right places, often delivering a much needed boost to local community spaces – like Sandford Village hall near our Kype Muir Wind Farm which received a £45,000 grant to support its renovation.

Partnering with local communities

The OnPath community partnership approach is a leading example in the UK energy sector. We care about what we do and the way that we do it. We go above and beyond to engage with local communities to ensure everyone can have a say in how our renewables projects develop.

Leading innovations

OnPath innovations have brought leading renewable technology to market such as the installation of the UK’s tallest and most efficient turbine at Kype Muir Extension in South Lanarkshire. More efficient wind turbines mean more wind power can be converted into usable electricity for households, helping to maximise supply and drive down overall costs.   

“We’ve been able to tailor the OnPath grants to local needs, using the money to bridge gaps in funding. That’s empowered our team on the ground – who know the area inside out – to listen closely to locals, pilot new ideas and help different groups of people.

Kenny Lean Head of Economic Development at South Lanarkshire Council

“On behalf of the Rigside Tenants and Residents Association I can honestly say that during our contacts with OnPath Energy (formerly Banks Renewables) we have been treated with honesty and respect by nice people doing their best to do what’s right for the community.

Billy Hamilton Rigside Tenants & Residents Association

“Most of our work is from outside South Lanarkshire, so a big local project would result in more money staying in the region, resulting in our local suppliers benefiting along with local amenities and services.

Ewan Turner Drumclog Plant

Funding for local communities

We establish community funds for every OnPath wind farm project to ensure that the benefits are channelled back into the local community. We build funding models that communities own and manage. We’ve generated more than £6 million in funds for the communities surrounding our windfarms since our first project became operational.