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Bodinglee Wind Farm

Learn all about our vision for Bodinglee Wind Farm and the benefits it will deliver for the local community, economy, and environment.

Scotland has some of the best wind resources in Europe.

At OnPath Energy, we are harnessing that energy to help the UK transition to 100% renewable electricity. Our proposal for up to 37 wind turbines at Bodinglee, North-East of Douglas in South Lanarkshire, will generate enough clean electricity to power over 207,000 homes each year.

Following extensive community engagement, in 2023 we submitted our planning application under Section 36 of the Electricity Act 1989 to the Scottish Government Energy Consents Unit (ECU) to create a world-leading onshore wind project. This application also applies for a direction under Section 57(2) of the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997 for planning permission for the development to be deemed granted. The proposal combines innovation and sustainable development to deliver meaningful and lasting benefits to the local community and beyond.

Any persons wishing to make formal representations should do so by contacting the ECU on their website, by email or by post, quoting the application reference ECU00004839. Full contact details are available

A full copy of the Section 36 Planning Application can be viewed here.

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After much community consultation our planning application has now been submitted and we would love you to support our application. This is a project we believe will deliver transformative change for South Lanarkshire, Scotland and the UK as a whole.


About the project

At OnPath Energy, we aim to maximise the benefits our renewables projects bring to the local environment, businesses and communities. Bodinglee Wind Farm and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) proposal combines community wealth building, nature-positive outcomes, and conservation of natural and heritage assets to form an ambitious project that enables communities to embrace the transition to 100% renewable energy.


Key facts about Bodinglee Wind Farm

Read on to discover the plans and wide range of social, economic, and environmental benefits Bodinglee Wind Farm will bring to the local community, while supporting the UK’s transition to renewable energy.

Local Authority

South Lanarkshire Council

Location of site

North east of Douglas, on land on both sides of the M74.

Energy efficient turbines

The current technology is able to produce over 7MW per turbine – enough electricity for 5,000 households each year.

Number of turbines

16 turbines up to 230m in height, 21 turbines up to 250m in height

Maximum generating capacity

Up to 280MW

Potential energy storage

Up to 106 MW battery storage 4 hour duration

Life span

40 years in operational

Meet the project team

Grant Mollinson
Robin Winstanley

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