Our promise to the environment

We take a nature-positive approach to all we do. We create solutions that tackle climate change head-on and improve local habitats.

Our environmental promise

At OnPath Energy, we are committed to developing solutions that will cut harmful greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change and propel the UK towards 100% renewable electricity. 

Beyond this, we drive positive benefits for the landscape, the nature, and wildlife surrounding our projects. We work closely with communities to identify their environmental needs and with environmental specialists to help enhance existing habitats and boost the resilience of our natural ecosystems.  

Our promise to the environment:

OnPath Middle Muir Wind Farm
We will help tackle climate change and support the transition to net-zero​

OnPath promise to the environment
We will protect and enhance the environment and its biodiversity

We will use resources efficiently and minimise waste by re-using and recycling

We will aim for the highest practicable environmental standards through innovation and continuous improvement

Climate Change

Tackling climate change

We believe that onshore wind​ and solar should be an essential part of the​ UK’s strategy for achieving its net zero​ targets. We develop affordable,​ renewable and flexible electricity​ generation and storage solutions.​ 

Through our 11 operational wind farms, 14 more in development, and our solar farms and battery energy storage systems (BESS), we are helping the UK​ make the switch to green energy.

Our projects are designed​ for optimum energy efficiency,​ to support greenhouse gas reduction, and​ to support greater climate resilience.

Explore our renewable energy projects:

Environment in numbers


MWh of renewable electricity generated from all of our wind farms to date


MWh of renewable electricity generated from our wind farms in 2023


tons of CO2e displaced from the grid in 2023 through our renewable electricity generated by our eleven operational wind farms


homes powered by our renewable electricity generation

Our nature-positive approach

OnPath projects protect and enhance biodiversity through habitat creation, such as peat bog restoration, hedgerow and tree planting, and simultaneously tackle climate change.

We help nature tackle climate change

We’ve restored hundreds of acres of peat bogs around our windfarms to help absorb more CO2 from the atmosphere. Peatbogs are one of nature’s climate heroes, storing twice as much carbon as all the world’s forests combined.

Through a targeted process of rewetting we are in the process of restoring 28.16 hectares of peatland at Kype Muir Wind Farm in South Lanarkshire.

The OnPath promise to the environment
We improve local habitats

We work with local communities and environmental specialists to develop effective habitat management plans across all of our sites to ensure they bring the most​ relevant environmental benefits, entirely bespoke and​ tailored to each area.

The image above shows the start of our work at Kype Muir Wind Farm in 2021 when we planted 2000,000 trees.

Climate Change

Our wind farms

Each wind farm we develop goes​ through meticulous planning processes,​ hand-in-hand with the local community​. Creating habitat management plans​ is a key feature of this approach.​ Between 2021 – 2023 we ​developed habitat management plans​ which pledge to restore the habitats opposite>

We are committed across all of our projects to having a net-positive impact​ when it comes to climate change and biodiversity and we consider early on in​ the design process what interventions we can employ to achieve that. As a​ matter of principle, we aim to leave the land that we develop better than​ how we find it. That’s really what the OnPath promise to the environment is all about.

Robin Winstanley Director Sustainability & Community

Resource efficiency and minimising waste

As well as creating environmental benefits externally through our projects, we also seek to prioritise environmental aspects within our own operations. 

We aim to source, use, reuse​ and recycle resources efficiently​ and responsibly, designing​ out waste wherever possible​ to deliver sustainable​ production and consumption​ across our business.

We also aim to extend the operational lifetimes of our projects for as long as they remain safe and efficient. This helps us reduce the time, energy and raw materials are spent on developing new sites to replace them. By keeping the same projects in operation for longer, we avoid generating waste and emissions and improve the overall efficiency of our business.