Together to a greener future

Our vision at OnPath Energy is to power a more sustainable future through renewable energy. Formerly Banks Renewables, we provide green energy solutions for thousands of UK households, businesses and communities. We’ve been committed to powering a greener future since 2006. 

We’re helping to power the UK’s transition to 100% renewable energy and ensuring that communities, local businesses and landowners all share in the benefits. 

Transitioning to green energy is vital for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to curb climate change. At OnPath, we harness onshore wind and solar energy and develop flexible battery storage power projects. 

We create our projects so that everyone can embrace the benefits of renewables in the most fair and inclusive way, placing communities, local businesses and landowners at the heart of the renewables transition. We call this the OnPath Promise. 

The Benefits of a renewable transition with OnPath

We believe in creating a sustainable energy future that benefits the community, local businesses, landowners, and the environment. By harnessing the power of renewable resources, we can reduce carbon emissions, improve air quality, and create opportunities and benefits for all.

OnPath for communities

We make long-term commitments to ensure the communities surrounding our projects benefit socially, economically and environmentally from their presence. We work hand-in-hand, listening to your needs, enabling all to play an active role in our projects. We establish community funds to channel economic benefits directly where they’re needed most. 

OnPath for landowners

We help landowners generate long-term value from their sites in a way that positively benefits the environment and helps support the UK in its transition to net zero. We share our expertise and apply the latest innovations in our partnerships with landowners, helping them to play a powerful and beneficial role in the renewable transition. 

OnPath for the environment

OnPath projects protect, encourage and enhance the local environment while tackling climate change. We make positive environmental improvements, guided by the needs of local communities and environmental specialists. We help to regenerate plant and animal life in the areas surrounding our sites, helping to boost the resilience of our natural ecosystems. 

Developing renewable energy solutions since 2006

OnPath, formerly known as Banks Renewables, has been dedicated to renewable energy solutions since 2006. Our expertise lies in onshore wind, solar, and flexible battery storage, and in delivering the benefits of these directly to local communities. Our first wind farm became operational in 2009, and our first solar farm followed in 2015. Over the years, we’ve invested millions of pounds in local businesses, created hundreds of local jobs, supported thousands of local residents through community funds, And regenerated acres of land to boost local habitats and wildlife.

Watch the OnPath promise in action.

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