A Just Transition for Local Businesses

At OnPath Energy, we believe in a fair and inclusive transition to renewable energy for businesses as well as communities. We’re helping to drive down energy bills for local businesses through renewable energy generation and, as part of our OnPath Promise – we are committed to building a local supply chain, boosting the local economy and delivering long-term economic benefits to local communities.

Our OnPath Promise to local business’

Our Promise to local business’ means we prioritize working with local contractors on our projects wherever possible. We aim to maximise the economic benefits of our projects to local economies, and we use distance from our sites as a key part of the tendering process when we decide who to work with.

£203.2 million

projected spend with local businesses in the development and operation of our Kype and Middle Muir Wind Farms.

£1.46 M/mw

our per MW spend with local businesses over the lifetime of our Kype and Middle Muir Wind Farms.

652 jobs

for the development and construction of Kype Muir and Middle Muir Wind Farms.

55% local spend

within 60km for Kype Muir & Middle Muir Wind Farm

58 jobs

for ongoing operations at Kype Muir and Middle Muir Wind Farms.

Working on the Kype Muir Extension project from start to finish has been extremely rewarding as a team of local workers. It was very significant to win a contract of this size, it has allowed us to support tradesmen from around the site, provided us that extra bit of security as a business and generally supported the local economy.

Wilson Rankin Hamilton Tarmac
Working with local companies to maximise the benefits of our projects for the local economy

Contracts for local businesses mean a lot… It’s a steady stream of work in the local area and the same goes for the local guys that we have working for us, it means they’re working in their locality.

Ewan Turner Drumclog Plant Ltd.

It brings investment into the local economy, it also helps retain employment within the local economy. It creates jobs, it can lead to upskilling, so whilst businesses are benefiting from working on our sites it may also open up other opportunities for their businesses as well.

Rachael Edmunds OnPath Energy

Supporting Local Business

Boosting local economies

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Creating long-term partnerships

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