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Renewable energy fund proves a perfect fit for curling club

Published on 11 Mar 2024

A LEADING renewable energy firm has received top marks from one of the largest curling clubs in Scotland thanks to an innovative community fund powered by a nearby wind farm.

In desperate need of new jackets to keep their team warm, Avondale Curling Club has now been able to purchase 55 uniform jackets to keep its team looking smart as it looks to sweep up gold on the ice rink thanks to a grant from OnPath Energy, formerly Banks Renewables.

The club was awarded £8,390 from OnPath Energy’s Kype Muir Community Fund, with funds also being used to purchase training equipment. This fund has been supporting local causes since 2019, with the decision making led by the Kype Muir Community Panel (KMCP) formed of local community councils.

Christine Hall, assistant secretary at Avondale Curling Club said: “We had very old-fashioned and not very warm woollen jumpers, that we had been using for a long time, and they just weren’t suitable for our team anymore as well as not giving us much of an identity.

“Now, everybody feels so proud to wear the new jackets and they look fantastic. It’s encouraged people to play more with us because they look the part, and it’s boosted our confidence when we are heading into competitive games.

“We were competing against more and more clubs who were wearing soft-shell jackets that were giving them warmth, as well as a strong club identity. Not only do our jackets look the part, but they do a great job of keeping our team warm, helping us to play better.

“It wouldn’t have been possible to purchase the jackets outright without the support of OnPath Energy. Their team was great to deal with and the club has benefitted from the funding from the KMCP fund.”

Avondale Curling Club has been in existence for more than 100 years and currently boasts more than 100 members – with ages ranging from 11- 93 years of age.

The club is a vital social hub for Avondale residents as the huge age range and accessibility of the sport has meant that all generations can get involved and socialise with one another – helping to eradicate loneliness, especially for older club members.

Robin Winstanley - OnPath Energy sustainability & community director
Robin Winstanley – OnPath Energy sustainability & community director

The Kype Muir Community Panel (KMCP), has provided financial support to the project. This fund is designed to offer support to community groups, voluntary associations, and local communities near the Kype Muir Wind Farm.

Robin Winstanley, sustainability and community director at OnPath Energy said: “It’s always a rewarding experience to be able to support vital local bodies such as the Avondale Curling Club.

“The club has such deep roots within the community, with more than 100 years of history binding generations of members together through an iconic Scottish pastime.

“This is another example of what our KMCP fund seeks to do, which is to provide meaningful support and ultimately uplift the communities we operate in. We take immense pride in investments like this.”

The Kype Muir and Kype Muir Extension wind farm projects are part of OnPath Energy’s Connect2Renewables initiative to maximise the economic, social, and environmental benefits of its projects in South Lanarkshire.

Together, the 41 turbines across the two sites will have an installed capacity exceeding 150 megawatts, generating enough electricity annually for over 120,000 households or 200,000 people – more than the population of Aberdeen.

The wind farms will also deliver over £770,000 in community benefits yearly to support initiatives in neighbouring areas.

Through Connect2Renewables, OnPath Energy has committed to developing wind farms that provide renewable electricity as well as social and economic opportunities for local communities.

OnPath Energy is the new name for Banks Renewables. OnPath Energy is currently building a new website as part of the re-brand process. Until the new website is ready all project information and news will remain at

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