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OnPath Energy’s onshore wind farms meet annual power needs of 195,000 homes

Published on 21 Mar 2024

The portfolio of wind farms owned and operated by renewable energy firm OnPath Energy (formerly Banks Renewables) generated enough electricity in the company’s last financial year to meet the annual electricity needs of around 195,000 homes – or a city around one and a half times the size of Newcastle.

The 11 OnPath wind farms located across Scotland and northern England generated over 528,000 MWh of electricity between them during the 12 months to the end of September 2023 – and by doing so, they displaced the equivalent annual carbon dioxide emissions from the electricity supply network of over 53,200 petrol cars.

The company’s two onshore wind farms in its native North East, the Moor House Wind Farm near Darlington and the Lambs Hill Wind Farm to the north west of Stockton, generated almost 53,000 MWh of electricity between them over the period in question.

The six-turbine Moor House Wind Farm led the way by generating more than 32,000 MWh, with the four-turbine Lambs Hill site producing around 20,500 MWh.

OnPath’s wind farms also delivered combined revenues of over £800,000 during the year for their respective community benefits funds, which provide financial support for local projects being undertaken by groups and good causes in the communities surrounding them.

OnPath Energy is one of the leading owner/operators in the UK onshore renewable energy sector.

It currently has a number of new onshore wind farms at different stages of the planning process, while it is also working towards deploying further renewable energy technologies at a number of new sites.

The company rebranded as OnPath Energy after its acquisition last year by Brookfield Asset Management, and continues to be led by the existing management team.

Richard Dunkley, CEO at OnPath Energy, says: “Our onshore wind farms generate considerable amounts of renewable electricity for use in our homes, school, hospitals and businesses, and help us make a substantial contribution towards helping the UK meet its Net Zero ambitions.

“Alongside this, they also make a significant contribution to enhancing the facilities and support available to people and organisations in their respective communities, and we’re very much committed to maintaining this contribution over the long term.

“The new OnPath Energy name captures the journey towards Net Zero that we’re taking together with our customers, business partners, landowners and local communities, and shows our ambition to make a substantial contribution towards creating a just transition to Net Zero that is fair and inclusive for everyone.

“Our success to date has been achieved through creating and maintaining valued, long-term relationships with all our stakeholders and conducting ourselves with professionalism and integrity in all that we do, and this approach will remain at the core of the OnPath team’s way of working.”

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