Middle Muir Wind Farm

Generating renewable energy since 2018.

Middle Muir Wind Farm has the capacity to provide up to 51MW of renewable each year.

Located south east of Douglas, the wind farm will provide more than £6.3 million in grants for the local communities throughout its lifespan. 

Key Facts

Middle Muir Wind Farm

At OnPath Energy, we’re powering a more sustainable future through renewable energy. Our projects, like Middle Muir Wind Farm, inspire and enable communities, businesses, and landowners to embrace a just transition to net zero. 

  • Electricity generation capacity: Up to 51MW 
  • Postcode of nearby property: ML12 6SX
  • Number of turbines: 15
  • Tip height: 136m – 149.9m
  • Local Planning Authority: South Lanarkshire Council
  • Lifespan: 40 years in operation plus 2 years for construction and decommissioning (includes 15 year lifetime extension).
  • Operational since: 2018
Community benefits

Creative community value

We establish community funds for every OnPath renewables project to ensure that the benefits are channelled back into the local community. The Middle Muir Wind Farm Community Fund currently receives £255,00 each year from the wind farm. Grants are awarded to local voluntary organisations, community groups and environmental projects.

To ensure the funding is channelled to causes and activities important to the local communities, the fund is managed by a Community Fund committee made up of members from the local parish councils as well as the district and county councillors. The committee meets regularly so that local residents can raise any issues with the operation and maintenance of the wind farm.

The Committee agrees how and where grants are awarded based on a range of criteria and the information received in the funding application.

How can your community benefit?

Middle Muir Wind Farm generates £255,000 in community benefits every year. Part of this is used to administer a local jobs and skills initiative for the surrounding areas, while the rest is reserved for grant making to support local community projects (within 10 km).

The fund is managed by South Lanarkshire Council as part of the Renewable Energy Fund (REF) and applications can be made at their website here

Nature and environment

We think people and planet

Along with playing a crucial role in helping the UK transition to 100% renewable electricity to tackle climate change, the project will support and generate habitat improvements around Red Moss bog near Douglas, which is internationally recognised as one of Europe’s rarest and most threatened habitats. improvements include

  • Enhancing blanket bog habitat
  • Increasing biodiversity across the site
  • Enhancing black grouse and wander habitat

Lifetime extension

At OnPath Energy, we are committed to regular maintenance and servicing on our wind farms to maximise the efficiency, operational performance and environmental, social and economic benefits of our projects. 

In 2023, a planning permission to extend the lifespan of the fifteen-turbine site by 15 years was approved by the Energy Consents Unit (ECU) securing the ability to operate the site for up to 40 years. This will enable Middle Muir Wind Farm to supply thousands more megawatts of clean energy to the grid under existing operational conditions.

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